Ladies and Gentleman;

"Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak." - John Berger.

Life is stranger than fiction, even satirical fiction. Believe it or not, here's the brief story of ourselves.

The basic concept of Mojo Associates for Fine Art
originated at a Halloween Party in New York City in 2004. And it bloomed cheerfully in Berlin on April Fools' Day in 2005.
Some of our associates have enjoyed developing the idea in Sydney, New York and Berlin since then.
Finally our website gallery proudly opened for the public globally on Halloween Night in 2005.
Trick or treat.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's
Mojo Associates for Fine Art!

From "Anonymous Photographers" Series

© 2005 Mojo Associates for Fine Art

Orson Welles
War of the Worlds - 64kbps, 17.6 MB (51:21)
From the series Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was
performed as a Halloween special on October 30, 1938.

MEET Mojo Associates for Fine Art or a brief introduction to the theory of obscurity!

"The theory of obscurity is more relevant to Mojo Associates for Fine Art when they are truly obscure.
Once the work goes out into the public and you in turn receive some form of commentary, you are no longer working under that theory."
- Giant "Red Dot" Eye Balls, Mojo Associates for Fine Art confidant and spokesman...., God Save The Residents!

Is it frustrating or amusing having other people speak for you? Or, as the case may be, speaking on behalf of them?

I am a confidant speaking on behalf of Mojo Associates for Fine Art. No one is speaking for me that I have been told about.
I suppose it would be interesting to hear what they had to say about me if some one ever did.
I can't imagine that ever happening though, since I am completely happy to talk for myself.

Why is the idea of anonymity important to Mojo Associates for Fine Art?

Any chance that you have questions about Mojo Associates for Fine Art that isn't about who they are?
They have actually done some interesting projects individually over many years.
They aren't anonymous. They are not a group but they are Mojo Associates for Fine Art.

Does the theory of obscurity take more than it gives?

Not really, because they felt by satisfying themselves that they were maintaining a level of purity.
Now this ideal is still kept in mind as one means of maintaining a high creative level.

So when the theory of obscurity will be over?

You will be the first interviewer to get it.
You can't make much of an argument for it when we will be in Vanity Fair and Artforum.

Obscurity lost will be not found again.


One of Mojo Associates for Fine Art would be Dr. Robert Zimmerman?

I guess not. We are not The Traveling Wilburys.